A 19th century terracotta cast of the Apollo Belvedere sold for £850 by Vagabond Antiques in Petworth.

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Buyers looking for a specific item may also gravitate towards the galleries run by members of trade associations which can give an extra level of trust and confidence. Here a member of the LAPADA dealer association provides the piece a collector was seeking.

Grand Tour de Force

On a Saturday morning earlier this year, a collector of Grand Tour sculpture popped into Vagabond Antiques in Petworth. There he spotted a 19th century terracotta figure of the Apollo Belvedere created as a Grand Tour souvenir piece. He decided it would be the perfect addition to his mantlepiece and bought it for £850.

Vagabond’s Joe Chaffer had sourced the sculpture at the sale of the William Mowat-Thomson collection held by Glasgow auction house McTear’s in September last year. Mowat-Thomson was a teacher of dance, drama and yoga who had used his success to furnish his homes in Georgian style.

The piece at the lower end of the dealer’s usual price range had fitted nicely into the collection of the large, recently renovated Vagabond showroom, which specialises in statement items.

Chaffer fosters relationships with his clients not just by selling good quality antiques and decorative items but also by offering a consultancy service for those interested in decorating their homes. This can range from the placement of single items to full homedecorating projects.