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We all need to start a conversation over Portobello.

Why not invite a local council representative who is sympathetic for a co-operative approach?

Maybe a landlord of one of the big arcades and a couple of dealers who have traded in Portobello for a number of years and a local resident.

During the lockdown many dealers, myself included, were financially helped by the cooperation of council and landlords to allow a delay in paying our rent and to enable us to receive furlough payments through our landlords. When we work together much more may be achieved.

All of us are aware of the high business rates paid by landlords; maybe we could help push the council for a bigger reduction.

Tat appears on many of the stands because it is easier to sell six rings at £15 each and pay your rent, than one ring for a hundred.

Maybe we could work with the cafes, recommend them on our individual websites, and tell customers about this eccentric, interesting, original, foodie, road in London.

Bridget McConnel