The late George Floyd.

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He started in the trade as a van driver for the renowned dealer Denys Wrey of Upper Sloan Street, working his way up to buyer and general manager.

He then opened his own shop at 592 Fulham Road selling fine Georgian furniture, but also combining a restoration business in the premises. It was the boom time of the trade and he was always happy to take a small profit and out to buy more.

He will be fondly remembered by many London dealers as the first call on their way in to work to get a coffee and see the latest stock, but also stopping off on their way home for something stronger.

Personally I knew him all my life in the antiques trade. With my father, we had a very unusual close relationship with George, selling 95% of our finds to him. He was a wonderful, honest, fun dealer, from the time when the trade was full of characters and your word was your bond.

But I also knew him outside of work and he was the kindest friend you could ask for. He was a wonderful father to Dawn and Martin and grandfather to Hannah, Holly and Kirsty.

By Roger Dade