Part of the closure at TEFAF Maastricht immediately after the robbery. Image: Politie.

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The fair was temporarily closed (morning of June 28) to deal with the attack but has now reopened.

In an updated statement on July 1 the local police said it is searching for “four fugitive suspects” having arrested two people (who have subsequently been released). It is working with forces in Belgian and German and is “looking for the four suspects who committed the robbery at TEFAF, and are investigating whether more suspects may have been involved” .

In a statement TEFAF Maastricht organisers said: “At approximately 11.30am [on June 28] TEFAF Maastricht was evacuated due to an incident within the fair. Dutch police were on site within minutes. Nobody was injured during the incident.”

It added: “The fair’s stringent safety procedures were followed and all visitors were successfully evacuated. TEFAF has robust procedures in the event of a security breach. These were precisely followed, and all visitors, exhibitors and staff were safely evacuated. The fair has now reopened. TEFAF and the MECC are now working with the authorities.”

Footage of the theft and the damage caused have been posted online by a number of people who were at the fair. 

TEFAF Maastricht is due to run until June 30.