2607 Olympia

Visitors queuing for the Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia in West London.

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Running from October 30 to November 5, the event has not only an extra full day on last year’s fair, but also longer opening hours. Doors now open to the public at 10am rather than 10.30am and each day runs until 6pm.

There are two exceptions: the late opening on the Tuesday, when it closes at 9pm, and Sunday when it shuts at 5pm.

It is also moving venue, taking place in the west London exhibition centre’s Grand Hall. It continues to run in the gallery above the Spirit of Christmas Fair – both are run by Clarion Events – but it has previously been staged in the smaller National Hall. The antiques fair retains its own branding.

The coordination of the two events is designed to encourage crossover buying while keeping the cost of running the fair low. Over the last 12 months, many antiques fairs have been scrapped due to rising prices (among other challenges) including Winter Olympia’s summertime counterpart.

Fair director Mary Claire Boyd said that Clarion offers “a top vetted London fair at a much lower cost than other London fairs. This will allow smaller dealers to exhibit and reduces the financial risk for all our clients in tough economic times.”

Organisers hope that other changes will encourage good business. Condé Nast’s Luxury Travel Fair, previously in the distant West Hall, is now next door in the National Hall. There is also a new restaurant between the two events.

Boyd adds: “This new, more central, location will increase traffic and sales opportunities.”