Owen Jones table

Table by Owen Jones, priced £45,000 by Butchoff Antiques.

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The commission came after Alfred Morrison, who inherited a large fortune, took the lease in 1866.

Jones had developed a passion for Islamic design, colour and ornament during travels that took him through Egypt, Turkey and Spain, with a particular love for the Alhambra Palace. On his return to England he worked on designs for the Crystal Palace and the South Kensington Museum.

However, 16 Carlton House Terrace became Jones’ most comprehensive interior design, with every room reflecting his design from floor to ceiling.

In Beautiful Houses (1882) Eliza Haweis noted that the house had the appearance of “general unity seldom seen in houses so large” and added that the marquetry works “satisfactorily answer the common complaint that modern workmen cannot, or will not, do the good work which ancient workmen did”.

Among the pieces he designed was this table, which is offered by Butchoff Antiques at the inaugural The Treasure House Fair (June 22-26) in Chelsea, London, for £45,000. It was discovered by Butchoff with furniture historian Christopher Payne of BBC Antiques Roadshow during research for his book British Furniture 1820-1920, due to be published this autumn.

Like the rest of the interior, the table was made by Jackson & Graham, a firm known for its fine marquetry work in rare woods.

As well as championing the decorative arts in Britain, Morrison was an avid collector. He bought paintings, gems, prints, drawings and autographs.