The late Michael Shephard.

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He was a long-time trader and runner from an early age. He started by selling house clearance items with his business partner Dave at the old Douglas Way market in Deptford, back in the 1970s.

Dave was a bit of a cheeky rogue. My brother once told me that Dave used to wear a heavy ring with a sharp point on the back and as they were looking at the furniture being sold he used to slap and bang it at the bottom causing holes and sawdust and buying it cheaply after telling the seller it had woodworm.

As a family we were born in Peckham and one of our neighbours was the very knowledgeable and insightful Reuben whom my brother befriended.

After Deptford Micky became a runner between all the London markets and it was at this time Reuben asked my brother to drive him around the country to the big antique markets and fairs. I think Rueben’s extensive knowledge must have ‘rubbed off’ on Mick so Portobello Market soon summoned. He gained a good reputation and following by concentrating on selling postcards, vintage radios and gramophones, ephemera and latterly silver plate.

He started at Lipka’s Market in Westbourne Grove and then moved to Portwine Gallery in Portobello Road.

Then, 30+ years later and two years ago, he unfortunately fell and broke a hip. After a few more hospital stays sadly other complications developed and he could no longer visit his friends at Portobello, which I know was a great disappointment for him.

Rest in peace my brother. He will be greatly missed by all his children, grandchildren, extended family and many friends.

‘Ietum non omnia finit’

Tony Shephard