Andy Maule with a plastic, wood, papier-mâché and hand-blown glass model of an eyeball. By Somso Modelle, Germany, it was made in the mid-20th century as a teaching aid and is offered for £575.

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1 How did you get your start?

I’ve watched Antiques Roadshow since I was a child and have always been fascinated by old things and their stories. I wanted a hobby where I could learn and hopefully make a little money so about six years ago I took the plunge, bought a few job lots from auction and started selling. The more I do it the more I learn and the more I fall in love with the business.

2 What is your area of focus?

The thing I love most about this business is the variety. I have seriously considered specialising in one area so I can build a depth of knowledge and expertise but I find so many different things fascinating that I just can’t do it. The common element is that I am drawn to the unusual and always try to buy things that you don’t see every day. I hope people like my stock but know not everyone will (life would be very dull if we all liked the same things) but I would be devastated if they found it boring. I would have failed them if that were the case.

3 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

My favourite and best find was a couple of 19th century carved wood and painted heads probably from a carnival. Sadly, they were not with me for long and sold the first day I had them out for sale. They were beautiful and I will never forget them.

4 Something you secretly hope you’ll never sell?

I have an oil painting of Napoleon after François Gerard. It is a stunning image and I find that period of history very interesting. It is currently hung in my living room and I admire it every day.

5 Who is someone you admire?

Whoever invented Eton mess. I love you!

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