Amanda Bromley of Barewall Gallery and Warren Appleby of the British Heart Foundation with 'Chapel' by Arthur Berry, which sold for £2170.

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The painting was donated from the estate of George Fullard, a Sheffield-born sculptor, to The Pangolin Gallery in Gloucestershire. The sculpture specialist got in touch with Barewall, which sold the painting two weeks after posting the picture on its website.

Berry, sometimes known as ‘the Lowry of the Potteries’, was born in Stoke-on- Trent. He studied at the Royal College of Art and returned to work as a lecturer at the Burslem School of Art and became a fixture in the town.

“We were confident the painting would sell quickly, especially as available urban scenes are rare and most are now in private collections,” said Amanda Bromley, director of Barewall, which represents the Arthur Berry Estate.

She added that Fullard and Berry knew each other from their Royal College days and “would have been proud” to know of the sale.