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1 What’s something that sets you apart in your field?

Unlike many of my peers, I have never really been tempted to deal in oil paintings. I am quite happy with exploring the huge variety of creative expression found in five centuries of draughtsmanship.

2 What’s a little-known fact about your field – or dealing in general?

The fact that a great drawing may be the work of a lesser-known, or sometimes almost unheard-of artist. In each of my catalogues, I usually try to include superb examples of fine draughtsmanship by completely unfamiliar artists.

To me, a great drawing is a great drawing, no matter who drew it.

3 What is exciting about the market this year?

As the new chairman of London Art Week (LAW), I am particularly excited about this summer’s edition of the event, which includes more galleries than ever before, and promises to be the best ever.

At this event I will be exhibiting a large and comprehensive group of drawings by the extraordinary 19th century draughtsman Adolph Menzel. This will be the first show of his work to be held in Britain since 1984.

4 One object you couldn’t without?

A small magnifying glass (more of a loupe, really) for looking very closely at drawings, and my laptop, which has more than 20 years of notes on all my drawings on it.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Cappuccino and a doughnut, preferably in Tuscany. Breakfast of champions!


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