A card game called Panko, or Votes for Women, is estimated at £200-300 in the Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood September 12 auction.

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It is estimated at £200-300 in the Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood sale of books, maps and prints in Exeter on September 12.

Named of course in honour of Emmeline Pankhurst, it was published by Peter Gurney Ltd in the early years of the 20th century – most likely around Christmas 1909 – and features illustrations by Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933), who worked for many years on Punch.

An early success in that role was his ‘Prehistoric Peeps’, which Peppin & Micklethwait in their Dictionary of British Book Illustrators: The Twentieth Century say “…launched a tradition of humorously anachronistic reconstructions of life in the past that was later developed by Lawson Wood, George Morrow and more recently… in The Flintsones”.

In 1894 Reed had succeeded Harry Furniss as parliamentary draughtsman on Punch, but while P&M are not impressed by his work in that role, they admire his “…streak of whimsical inventiveness and an instinct for effective exaggeration which also proved valuable in book illustration”.