Dealer Robert Young.

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It seems that after many months of deliberations and ‘research’, the proposals are not fit for purpose.

They are likely to cause irreparable damage to the status, protection and legal trade in significant works of art, while simultaneously creating an administrative nightmare, with no guaranteed impact against poaching or the future wellbeing of elephants.

We don’t know if the legal counsel being sought by trade associations (ATG No 2341) has any mileage, but we applaud the initiative to explore whatever avenues may be still open to challenge or influence a review of the planned ban.

After many months of deliberations and ‘research’, the proposals are not fit for purpose

We believe that the professional community, including dealers, auctioneers, art historians, related professional bodies and associations, needs to combine to make whatever last-gasp, concerted efforts are possible, to inform politicians of the damage such restrictions will create.

To help achieve this, we are happy to contribute £1000 to the ‘fighting fund’ generously initiated by Edric van Vredenburgh with his promised £10,000 donation (ATG No 2339).

We are hopeful that most other art industry professionals will follow suit, to enable us to seek the legal counsel, possibly together with a targeted PR campaign, rather than just sit back and allow the proposed legislation to take effect, on our watch.

Robert and Josyane Young

Robert Young Antiques