A Sampson Mordan scent bottle offered for £795 by Chester’s Farm Antiques at the next Galloway Antiques Fair in Harrogate.

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Mordan (1790-1843) was a British silversmith and co-inventor of the first patented mechanical pencil. Though he filed the patent with John Isaac Hawkins in 1822, he later bought Hawkins out and partnered with the stationer Gabriel Riddle.

After that partnership dissolved, he continued to create his silver pencils, but added other types of silver and gold items to his product line. These were often made in whimsical figural shapes.

This perfume bottle was made c.1880, after Mordan’s death when his company had passed to his two sons. The firm, S Morden & Co, continued to make silverware and goldware until 1941 when the factory was destroyed by bombs during the London Blitz.

It is offered at the fair by Chester’s Farm Antiques for £795.