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Estimated at £400,000-600,000 is Ludwig Deutsch’s (1855-1935) meditative piece At Prayer, billed by the auction house as one of the best examples of his work to have appeared on the market in recent years.

Largely influenced by Jean-Léon Gérôme’s (1824-1904) academic style, Deutsch’s 22 x 17in (56 x 44cm) oil on panel depicts a man in the interior of a mosque – one of the most enduring subjects for Orientalist painters.

Elsewhere, Bonhams will offer a selection of British and European 19th century art on July 4 in Knightsbridge.

A highlight is The Boat Race, Cambridge on the slip, catalogued as by the Circle of British artist Sir Robert Ponsonby Staples (1853-1943).

The large 3ft 3in x 5ft (99cm x 1.52m) oil on canvas depicts the Cambridge crew making its way to the water’s edge in the build-up to the University Boat Race.

The scene has been dated to 1886-90, the years that Stanley Duff Muttlebury (identified by his distinctive habit of wearing his cap back-to-front) rowed in the team. He would win, at the time, an unprecedented four boat races to secure his place as a legend of the event.

The painting is guided at £10,000-15,000.