Volvo 245

Two Volvo 245 cars. Image: Volvo Car Group Gothenburg.

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Volvo will no longer sell its estate or saloon cars in Britain, instead only selling SUVs and electric cars.

Antiques dealers have many fond memories of these vehicles, owing to its roomy boot and reliability.

The first Volvo estate, the Volvo Duett, was launched in 1953 with a number of models to follow.

Volvo 145

The Volvo 145 was introduced in 1968. This five-door model featured a one piece tailgate, hinged at the top. Image: Volvo Car Group Gothenburg.


By 1974, the archetypal Volvo estate car, the 245, was launched. It remained in production for almost 20 years until 1993.

The 1980s marked the launch of the 245 Turbo edition, the world’s first estate car with a turbo engine.

Volvo 245 Turbo

A Volvo 245 Turbo parked outside Harrods. Image: Volvo Car Group Gothenburg.

Volvo has sold more than six million estates worldwide, representing around a third of the total number of Volvos sold since the company’s foundation in 1927.

Sometimes called ‘the workhorse of the trade’, adverts featuring the vehicle once appeared regularly on the pages of Antiques Trade Gazette.

ATG advert

An advert from Antiques Trade Gazette’s first issue in 1971 from Vannic International Limited.

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