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The PBFA's fair last year at Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston. 

Image: Rachel Fellman

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In total there are 49 online and in-person events planned.

Change is coming to the online fairs, launched during the lockdowns of 2020. These are switching from monthly to quarterly and are set to run on the first day of April, July and October (another took place on January 1).

There are two significant additions to the in-person fairs calendar. First up is the Tunbridge Wells event on February 3. Then, from July 26-27, the association returns to Bath after several years for a joint event with the ABA. 

Beyond Bath, there is the usual selection of Premier fairs at Cambridge, Harrogate, Edinburgh, Oxford and Brockholes Preston (launched last year) as well as the York National Fair.

On May 19, the London Summer fair runs at the Holiday Inn London, Coram Street.

There are a number of day events held around the rest of the UK in locations including Topsham, Lincoln, the Scottish Borders, and Wilton.

The first in-person event of the year is the York New Year fair on January 13.

The PBFA celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024: its first AGM was held in 1974, two years after its first book fair took place in Kensington, London, in July 1972.