Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Legislative Council is enacting its Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants Bill this year.

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The trade in ivory will be phased out over the next three and a half years as ivory possession licences expire under Hong Kong’s Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants Bill.

A document from the Legislative Council said that from December 31, 2021, “possession for commercial purposes of all elephant ivory (save for antique elephant ivory) would be banned by restricting the issue of a possession licence to cases of exceptional circumstances”.

It defines antique elephant ivory as a piece of elephant ivory that was, before July 1, 1925, removed from the wild; significantly altered from its natural state for jewellery, adornment, art, utility or musical instruments.

The items deemed antique must have been purchased after this alteration and in “such altered state that required no further carving, crafting or processing to effect its purpose” and must not include an "elephant hunting trophy".