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FIRST published in 1993 as The Tribal Eye: Antique Kilims of Anatolia which is a rather more exotic title than the one we have, this specialist reference book is dedicated to the “thousands and thousands of anonymous Anatolian women who have labored at their looms over the centuries to create the visual expressions of their people” and who, one might add, were paid twopence for it.

One of only two such books on kilims, Antique Kilims has some 75 colour plates, 20 of which show a selection of pre-19th century kilims, which are important examples of the richly textured flatweaves which now decorate the floors and walls of Western designer, decorator and architect homes. As well as new research on carbon dating, this hardback version includes two new chapters offering deeper research into the sources of Anatolian design and the evolution of two major kilim design motifs, while chapter 10 talks about an “Ethno Aesthetic” for the Anatolian kilim.