Persian terracotta figure, $24,000 (£19,050) at Nadeau’s.

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They are sometimes called Amlash culture figures, a reference to the small village in the north of modern-day Iran where excavations uncovered similar fragmentary pieces.

This example, standing just over 12in (30cm) high, is depicted nude with voluptuous hips and buttocks, thick tapering legs, curving arms and a disc-shaped face. She wears a three-tier crown with concentric circles incised as decorative elements over her shoulders.

It came for sale at Nadeau’s (23% buyer’s premium) in Windsor, Connecticut, on October 21 as part of the estate of Dina Recanati (1928- 2021), an Israeli artist who lived in New York and Tel Aviv.

The very best examples that appear at auction can bring six-figure sums so the estimate of $1000-2000 was modest.

It attracted plenty of admirers before selling at $24,000 (£19,050).