Islamic and Indian works of art specialist Mehmet Keskiner.

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1 How did you get your start?

I started in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey, joining my father and mother in the family antiques business. I then moved to London in 1997, named my business Kent Antiques and opened my gallery in South Kensington. My brother and wife joined the business around 10-15 years ago.

2 Why did you decide to have a gallery that is appointment only rather than a shop?

This was always what I wanted as I travel a lot and having this style of gallery enables me to be flexible and more independent. The most enjoyable part of my job is the travelling and the buying: going to auctions, to fairs, meeting new clients and seeing a lot.

3 Which fairs do you plan to show at in 2024?

We have signed up with TEFAF Maastricht and also plan to do Treasure House Fair in London and FAB Paris. I used to do fewer fairs. Over 15 years ago I did the Olympia fair but I then lost interest in fairs for a while. However, as the market changed and narrowed, I thought it would be interesting to return. I started back with the La Biennale in Paris and TEFAF Maastricht and I have been happy being back at fairs.


A 19th century Swiss enamelled gold snuff box decorated with views of Constantinople. It will be offered at TEFAF Maastricht and published in Kent Antiques’ upcoming catalogue with a five-figure asking price.

4 What is one challenge that buyers currently face?

Strict AML (anti-money laundering) regulations. I know the importance of due diligence and I am well aware of our obligations and I follow the AML regulations with great care. But for dealers these regulations can be very difficult particularly at a fair.

It can be frustrating for the new customer being asked lots of questions and so much information is required before even a deal and price can be agreed. There are worries a dealer could lose a deal - and the client - due to all the information required. Many dealers feel the same.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Burgundy wine.