Stuart Devlin ‘flower box’

Stuart Devlin ‘flower box’ going on display at Noonans.

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The exhibition, running from October 30 to November 10, focuses on the work of Gerard Benney and Stuart Devlin, the two giants of the British silversmithing renaissance that began in the 1950s.

When Benney’s son Simon was asked what his father would best be remembered for, he replied: “His boxes and centrepieces.”

This Noonans exhibition features a remarkable run of 66 boxes from Benney’s first, made in 1952, to one of his last in 2000. The collection’s founder and curator, John Andrew, has spent 30 years assembling them.

The first significant piece of silver Benney ever made (a goblet created at the Brighton College of Art) is also on display.

A broad cross-section of Devlin’s work includes 17 of his boxes, including the ‘cobweb box’ that he designed and made at the bench plus the ‘flower box’ from 1976 (pictured here).