Souper Dress, after Andy Warhol, $5500 (£4280) at Leland Little.

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Inspired by Andy Warhol pop art of the early 1960s, the Souper Dress was sold by the Campbell’s Soup Company of New Jersey in the late 1960s as a fashion statement and advertisement. Disposable screen-printed paper dresses were in style at the time, and customers could redeem several soup can labels alongside a small fee for a Souper Dress.

The dress could be cut to the appropriate hem length using the yellow stripes at the bottom, but this example retained its stripes and did not appear to have been hemmed.

It came for sale at the Leland Little (25% buyer’s premium) July 27 Summer Modern and Contemporary Auction in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where it sold for $5500 (£4280).