Bronze from FE McWilliam’s Women of Belfast series, £37,000 at Halls.

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Three bidders from Ireland, Italy and Wales battled on the phone with the Welsh one emerging successful.

Measuring 2ft (61cm) high, the bronze sculpture on offer at the Shrewsbury saleroom was one of a number of figurines by the artist that represent female bomb victims during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, each showing the victim in a different pose.

Born in Bainbridge, County Down, McWilliam was heavily influenced by childhood memories of violent clashes that occurred in his hometown, including seeing his own father treating a young child who had been shot in crossfire.

The Women of Belfast series was created in response to the Abercorn Restaurant bombing in 1972 where two women were killed and many more injured.

The sculpture at Halls had been consigned by a Midlands art collector with an estimate of £25,000-30,000.