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The whereabouts of the original c.1923-24 work known as Carline family in the kitchen at 47 Downshire Hill is not known but many believe it could have been one of the works lost or damaged in the infamous flood of the gallery (and much of the surrounding area) in January 1928.

The two sketches are owned separately. One remains with the Carline family. The other (pictured above) is to be offered via dealer Alden Bennett once the exhibition, Those Remarkable Carlines, concludes.

The show runs until April 10, 2023, at Burgh House, Hampstead, north London, and is one of three linked to Carline family displays at the historic home.

It is the first public showcase in over 40 years to focus on the Carlines, uniting works from public and private collections from across the country (many of which have not been seen in public for over 30 years).

Hampstead hub

Sydney (1888-1929), Hilda (1889- 1950) and Richard Carline (1896- 1980) were the children of artists Anne and George Carline.

Sydney and Richard both studied in Paris under the tutelage of the avant-garde teacher Percyval Tudor-Hart and Hilda joined them in 1915 when Tudor-Hart moved his Académie de Peinture to Hampstead. In 1918 the brothers became official First World War artists.

During the interwar years they were all based in Hampstead. Their family home at 47 Downshire Hill became a nexus for a glamorous artistic social group including painters Paul and John Nash, Stanley Spencer (who married Hilda), and writer Henry Lamb, who is known to have referred to them as ‘Those Remarkable Carlines’ - inspiring the show’s title.


A Gathering on the Terrace at 47 Downshire Hill (1924) by Carline, on loan from Ferens Art Gallery.

Among the other Richard Carline works on show are A Gathering on the Terrace at 47 Downshire Hill, 1924, on loan from Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery which features Spencer (on the left) with the family.

Only a few of his works have sold at auction, with many in private hands or museums.

According to Art Price, his auction high was set in May 2020 at Swann Galleries in New York for Portrait of a Young Man (Self-Portrait) (1916) which made a hammer price of $10,000 (£8177).

Also at Burgh House is Shifting Memories by Hermione (daughter of Richard), which runs until November 6, and a single installation called Mantelpiece by Josie and Madeleine Hunter (daughters of Hermione), until April 10.