Carol Walker of Carol Walker Antiques/Frocks and Fripperys.

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1 How did you get your start?

It was a very long time ago! My husband, when I first met him, collected Wedgwood and I was in retail. When we got together I quite liked the Wedgwood and as we went around more and more antique fairs, I could see that some things were cheaper than others. As a retailer, I could see that there was a potential profit there and here I am now.

2 Have you noticed any collecting trends?

Vintage is very hot-to-trot. I started off dealing in English porcelain and now I’m selling anything but. As with any business in this day and age you have to twist and turn many times.

3 What events or exhibitions do you have planned?

I used to do a lot more but now I just do Ardingly and Shepton with IACF. Obviously Covid was a big deal. Day one the first lockdown, I started an Esty shop (Frocks and Fripperys) that has since gone very well. I’m doing it alongside exhibiting at fairs still.

4 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

There have been a few bits and pieces over the last 30 years! Many, many years ago we found an old tin soldier and I can’t even remember what we paid for it, but it was something like £40. We ended up putting it into auction and it reached near £1000.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Espresso martini because I had that at Christmas – my son made me one for the very first time and I loved it!

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