Louis Janmot’s painting La Ronde sold by Michel Descours for around €200,000 at Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale.

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It was held at the Carrousel du Louvre from November 9-13 and among the 86 exhibitors enjoying successful sales was the Michel Descours Galerie.

The Paris dealership sold almost all the works on its stand including the large painting by Louis Janmot (1814-92), La Ronde, which was a preparatory study for the artist’s Rayons de Soleil, the 13th painting in his 1854 Poème de l’âme cycle. The 3ft 5in x 4ft 3in (1.04 x 1.3m) oil on canvas, previewed in ATG No 2566 and pictured here, was priced around €200,000.

Galerie Terrades, also from Paris, was another with sale successes: selling six major paintings from its display including Lepold Leprince’s Les cedres à Paris from 1827 to a European museum.

The Galerie Chaptal quickly parted with around 20 pieces, selling to, among others, the Petit Palais and the Fondation Custodia.

In the field of Modern art Galerie La Presidence sold several works at the beginning of the fair including Marcel Gromaire’s Souvenirs de Londres for €100,000 and a charcoal drawing - Vase de Tulipes by Henri Matisse - for a figure in excess of €200,000.

Among the tribal art specialists at the fair was Didier Claes from Brussels making a return to Paris.


Among the sales made by Didier Claes at the event was this 3ft (90cm) high Dogon statue from Mali priced around €250,000-350,000.

Image copyright Didier Claes.

“We have met with collectors that we haven’t seen for years,” he said. Claes sold four of the 15 pieces he brought to the fair including a 3ft (90cm) high Dogon statue from Mali priced between €250,000 and €350,000.

Another of the tribal exhibitors was Antony Meyer from Paris. ”I have seen Dutch clients that I see at TEFAF who made the journey to Paris specially for the fair having not been to the French capital for a number of years,” said the specialist dealer in Oceanic art. He instantly sold his small ancestral Okvik head from Alaska, a piece dating from 300BC-200AD, which was awarded a prize as the Most Fabulous Object of the Fair.