Dealer Rebecca Scott.

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1 How did you get your start?

My parents were antiques dealers specialising in furniture and clocks originally. When I showed an interest in coming into the business my father told me I had to find an area of decorative arts which I could make my own. I specialise in 17th and 18th century embroidered needlework and historic samplers.

2 Tell us about your exhibition?

As part of the Cotswolds Curated exhibitions we are putting on a small show of samplers titled A School Room Exercise.

Later in the year we will hold our regular autumn exhibition, this time featuring 17th century band samplers – I am very excited!


An all-time favourite purchase was a group of 17th century embroidered nutmegs.

3 What is a recent collecting trend?

The growing interest in stitching during lockdown has certainly brought a new group of collectors into the market. They like to buy samplers from easily recognisable schools. Bristol Orphanage samplers are particularly popular at the moment.

4 Who do you admire in the trade?

I owe my career to many, but aside from my own parents, Betty Ring stands out. She was the most generous, determined and scholarly collector and author on schoolgirl needlework; her work paved the way for all of us working in the field today.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Definitely espresso martini. My husband makes a mean one and they remind me of him.

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