Crowds thronging to the Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden in the 1970s.

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“It’s April 12 for Covent Garden and the Stratford Antiques Centre in Stratford-on-Avon, Spitalfields on April 15 and Sunday, April 18, for the car boot at Cambridge.”

Talking about the early days of the Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden where the market is held, Collins said: “Sherman & Waterman were pioneers of the seven-day market in the mid-70s when they were granted an occupational licence to trade seven days a week in the Jubilee Hall, including antiques on Monday, new commodities Tuesday to Friday and crafts on Saturday and Sunday.


A corner of a recent stand at the market in Jubilee Hall.

“In the ‘80s the now defunct GLC wanted to dispose of its interest in Covent Garden so S&W created a consortium now known as Jubilee Market Hall to fight for the rights of the market traders and secure a future for it with the local community.”