Pair of figural candlesticks by Edward Farrell of London, 1823, £165,000 from Koopman Rare Art.

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Koopman Rare Art

This striking pair of figural candlesticks was made by silversmith Edward Farrell of London, 1823, for the Duke of York. Standing 12in (29cm) high, they are priced at £165,000 in Koopman’s online catalogue Illumination in Isolation.

Susanne Schulz-Falster


Set of Japanese playing cards, c.1840, £2750 from Susanne Schulz-Falster.

Offered for £2750, this set of Japanese playing cards, c.1840, was made for the game karuta based on the anthology Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (‘100 poets, one poem each’). Comprising 200 cards, the set includes Yomifunda or ‘reading cards’ each illustrated with a sketch of a poet and complete poem and corresponding Torifuda or ‘grabbing cards’, which have just the end of the poem. In the game, one player reads out a poem and the others must identify the card with the corresponding picture.

Aaron Antiques


1777 powder horn by loyalist Adam Starbuck, £12,000 from Aaron Antiques.

Aaron Antiques features this 1777 powder horn on its YouTube channel Antiques Man. Made during the American War of Independence by evident loyalist Adam Starbuck, it includes a crest for George III and is inscribed A Pox on all Rebels. There is also a detailed map of the Hudson River. It is offered for £12,000.

Michael Kemp Bookseller


‘Vivien Leigh playing Blanche Dubois’ by Mervyn Peake (1911-68), £6500 from Michael Kemp Bookseller.

Mervyn Peake (1911-68) depicted Vivien Leigh playing Blanche Dubois in the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire. The artist was friendly with the actress and around this time tried to convince her (ultimately in vain) to act in and produce one of his plays. The oil on board from measures 11½ x 8in (29 x 20cm) and is offered framed and glazed for £6500.

Minerva Antiques


Victorian rosewood side table, c.1870, £460 from Minerva Antiques.

This Victorian rosewood side table, c.1870, with tripod feet and a pillar base is offered for £460.

Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch


‘Impey Album’, £175,000 from Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.

A tiny coppersmith barbet leans from the branch of a starfruit tree in this 18th century watercolour from the Impey Album. The collection of paintings was commissioned by Elijah Impey and his wife, who employed three Patna artists to depict the animals in their Calcutta menagerie, and the work in question was completed by Zain al-Din. It is available for £175,000.

Antique Karen


Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo model, £7995 from Antique Karen.

In the 1920s, Patek Philippe sold more pocket watches in South America than in any other continent. A pair of retailers, Carlos Gondolo and Paulo Labouriau, founders of the ‘Gondolo gang’, apparently accounted for a third of worldwide sales. They ordered bespoke watches with modifications only available in the Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo model. These watches were awarded as prizes in weekly lotteries for their gentlemen’s ‘gang’. This large model is available for £7995.

Newman Fine Art


Watercolour by Henry Barlow Carter (1803-67), £1250 from Newman Fine Art.

Among the Yorkshire watercolours dealer Derek Newman had planned to bring to the now cancelled Pavilions of Harrogate Fair was this 1846 painting by Henry Barlow Carter (1803-67). It shows the marine and landscape artist’s adopted home of Scarborough and is offered for £1250.

Gerald Mathias


Victorian leather jewellery box by W&J Milne, c.1875, £550 from Gerald Mathias.

This Victorian leather jewellery box by W&J Milne, c.1875, is offered through The Old Cinema for £550. The interior has two fitted trays and is lined with original red velvet.

Castlegate House Gallery


‘Fidelma’ by Leon Kossoff, £44,000 from Castlegate House Gallery.

Fidelma, a regular sitter for Leon Kossoff, is depicted in this 1999 charcoal on paper, 2ft 6in x 22in (76 x 56cm). It is offered for £44,000. Currently 25% of income from gallery sales is being donated to The Rainbow Trust.

Gazelles of Lyndhurst


‘Bantang’ by Clelia Bertetti, £2200 from Gazelles of Lyndhurst.

This ceramic figure, Bantang, c.1933, by Clelia Bertetti, depicts an Indonesian boy playing a sitar. Featuring contrasting matt and gloss glazes, it is offered for £2200.

York Modern Books


White Star album, 1898, £7500 from York Modern Books.

This White Star album was produced in 1898 to commemorate the naval review that took place on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Photographed, engraved and printed by Stas, Walery and Company, it was produced for private circulation. The album, offered for £7500, is particularly notable for an inscription from the founder of the line, Thomas Ismay, to Thomas Andrews, designer of the later doomed vessel Titanic.

Emanuel von Baeyer


Etching of ‘Colonel Mordaunt’s Cock Match at Lucknow’ by Richard Earlom (1743-1822), £3600 from Emanuel von Baeyer.

The original version of Colonel Mordaunt’s Cock Match at Lucknow painted by Joseph Zoffany (1733-1810) is now at Tate Britain. However, this hand-coloured etching of the scene by Richard Earlom (1743-1822) is available for £3600 through the London Original Print Fair website.

The crowded scene, which features notable figures of the day from England and India, was recorded during Zoffany’s journey to the subcontinent in the 1780s.

Alderson Antiques


Gilt bronze Argand or Colza chandelier, £14,500 from Alderson Antiques.

This gilt bronze Argand or Colza chandelier, similar to an example in the staircase hall at Arlington Court in Devon, is priced at £14,500. The style was popular in the 1820s, before gas and electricity, but it is now fully wired.

Walker Galleries


Watercolour and gouache of Lamorna Cove by Laura Knight (1877-1970), £35,000 from Walker Galleries.

This watercolour and gouache of Lamorna Cove, signed and dated 1920 by Laura Knight (1877-1970), was a study for the Royal Academy exhibition of the same year. Measuring 15 x 17in (37.5 x 42.5cm), it is available for £35,000.

John Robertson Fine British Paintings


‘A Study of Caspar’, the artist’s son by Augustus John (1878-1961), £12,000 from John Robertson Fine British Paintings.

A Study of Caspar, the artist’s son by Augustus John (1878-1961) is available for £12,000.

Gill Coe Antiques & Interiors


1930s Art Deco bronzed metal table light, £395 from Gill Coe Antiques & Interiors.

This 1930s Art Deco bronzed metal table light, 16½in (42cm) wide, depicts an Egyptian girl holding a glass ball. Set on a marble base, it has an arched glass shade and is offered for £395.

Alembic Rare Books


‘A Collection of Flowers Classified According to Natural Orders’ compiled by Elsie T Skinner, £350 from Alembic Rare Books.

Compiled by Elsie T Skinner of St Katharine's College, Tottenham, this herbarium was probably made as an advanced student project. A Collection of Flowers Classified According to Natural Orders contains 151 mounted specimens representing 121 species from around the UK, labelled with their scientific and common names. It is offered for £350.

Colne Valley Bookshop


A complete run of the ‘Picture Post’ magazine, £2000 from Thomas Jackson.

Picture Post ran from 1938-57 and helped define photojournalism in Britain. A complete run of the magazine is offered by dealer Thomas Jackson for £2000. (TE Jackson Books)

Millington Adams


Regency period mahogany hall settee, £25,900 from Millington Adams.

The design and ornament of this 5ft (1.52m) Regency period mahogany hall settee reflect the style popularised by Thomas Hope in his Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, 1807. It was very likely to have been made by the Marsh & Tatham partnership c.1815. It comes for sale from a New York private collection with a price tag of £25,900.