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Evening Star, as the last of a class of 251 similar engines, was indeed the last steam-powered locomotive to be constructed by British Railways in March 1960 and as such was always earmarked for preservation.

Only five years later it was withdrawn from service after suffering collision damage and was set aside for eventual preservation.

Contrary to your report, steam motive power continued on BR for a further three years before its eventual demise in August 1968.

Further, the painting does not depict Evening Star “hauling passenger carriages at her top speed of 90mph” as the wagons of a goods train can clearly be seen behind the engine.

Any attempt to haul a goods train at such a speed would have resulted in the wagons and their contents joining the scenery in spectacular fashion.

Jim Barnes, retired trainspotter

Guthrie, Angus

ATG replies: apologies for the errors – and thanks also to the other readers, such as Paul Tetlaw, who pointed them out. We have amended the online version of this story.