Dealers Peter Harrison and Simon van Oostende.

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1 How would you describe your business?

Young dealers selling Old Masters. We operate by sourcing misattributed works of high quality that are painted by top-tier artists and depict interesting sitters or subjects.

We love bringing a fresh approach to what is considered by many an older industry.

2 What are some of your discoveries?

Having recently left university, we are thrilled to have discovered works by some fantastic artists including two large paintings by George Romney, works by Sir Godfrey Kneller and Mary Beale.

However, we are perhaps most excited by a newly discovered picture by Gaspar de Crayer (1584-1669) depicting Saint Catherine of Siena. It has been an interesting addition to the artist’s oeuvre, and we are very excited about bringing it to market. It is offered for a price in the region of £40,000.


A painting by Gaspar de Crayer (1584-1669) depicting Saint Catherine of Siena which is offered for a price in the region of £40,000 by Harrison & van Oostende.

3 Who do you admire in the world of art and antiques?

Lord Duveen, the great dealer of the 20th century, is particularly interesting. Despite being a somewhat controversial character, the works and clients he dealt with really make him one of the most successful art dealers.

4 What is the best exhibition you have seen this year?

We enjoyed The Golden Age of English Painting at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris as many of our favourite artists were featured, especially George Romney. We are also brimming with excitement for the Van Dyck show in Munich which is set to be a corker!

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Espresso martini morn, noon and night.

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