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1 How would you define your area of expertise?

I specialise in antique rugs, carpets and textiles and have been trading since 1994. Today I am a retailer, but at heart I am a picker. Since I’ve been in the business the focus of dealing has changed. Finding new clients has become much more time consuming.

2 What is encouraging about the trade at the moment?

The major auction houses are reducing the number of specialist rug, carpet and textile auctions. This will lead to opportunities for dealers. One challenge facing buyers and collectors these days, however, is the acquisition of connoisseurship. There are fewer people to interact with who have knowledge, experience and taste.

3 What is the best exhibition you’ve visited recently?

Anni Albers (1899-1994) at the Tate Modern runs until January 27. Anyone interested in textile art should go to see it.

4 What is one thing you wish clients would ask you?

What I would recommend them to buy. Sometimes it is so obvious to me what the right piece is for them.

5 What is one object you couldn’t do without?

My iPhone – it has a great camera.


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