The Richard Lin story in ATG No 2401.

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Apart from knowing that his post-mortal star is very much on the rise, I wanted to point out that you have incorrectly stated the establishment where the vendor may have met Lin and thereby acquired it when they were on the teaching staff together.

I am sure because I was there – and he taught both myself and my now wife (we met as students together). This should have read as Ravensbourne College of Art, lately removed to Bromley in Kent and formerly known as Beckenham Art School.

We were there between 1965-67 and I believe Lin first came as a visiting tutor in 1966.

Charming man

He was charming and incredibly cool, always dressed immaculately in white or tones thereof, which was mirrored in his artistic works.

Lin was most helpful and instructive, someone from whom it was impossible not to have been influenced by, and quite happy to imbibe a whisky or two with us after the day’s teaching before heading back to his central London home.

Sadly, even with his encouragement to diversify away from the strict Swiss-graphic regime run by the Werners (head of department and wife), I was requested not to complete my studies, as my passion for vintage cars seemed to get in the way of becoming a qualified graphic designer.

As luck would have it a job on the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film came in time to save me.

For a year and a half I used my artistic skills in the trace-and-paint department of the animation studio in Soho Square, which paid handsomely enough for me to move in a different direction: buying and selling vintage and classic cars, leading further to a 30+ year career as specialist in the auction business with Robert Brooks, Christie’s and Dominic Winter inter alia.

Destination Docklands

As a postscript if your readers might be interested, Ravensbourne is now the Central School of Film and Television relocated twice more, firstly via Chislehurst in Kent and now situated on the Peninsula in London’s Docklands.

Colin Warrington