Caryl Tincknell of Violet Grey Decorative Gardens.

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1 Broadly speaking, what is one misperception about being a dealer?

I specialise in garden antiques whether it’s garden furniture, urns, planters, plantstands and decorative objects for the garden and garden room. When we go off to France on a buying trip all our friends think we are off on a jolly when in fact we come home more tired than when we left. It’s very early mornings at the déballages and we walk miles – sometimes fruitlessly – and are continuously looking for that next deal.

2 What is one challenge you’re facing at the moment?

As we buy mainly in France the dreaded Brexit is a worry to our business as we don’t know how it will affect us bringing goods back and so on.

3 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

For our first Battersea fair we bought a collection of seven urns, all the same, with the most amazing patina, and they were snapped up by a regular customer. I love the challenge of looking for better stock year on year. Finding that knock-out piece is so exciting.


A collection of seven urns that Violet Grey Decorative Gardens is offering at the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea.

4 One question you wish people would ask before buying?

‘I assume that’s your best price?’ It is.

5 What is one object you couldn’t do without?

Dollies – they make moving those heavy pots around so much easier.

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