An Apple 1 computer offered with an estimate in excess of $300,000 at RR Auction.

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This was their first fully assembled computer and aimed to take the invention beyond the bare circuit board kit for assembly by hobbyists that Jobs and Wozniak had conceived for their original Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club.

RR Auction will be offering one of these landmark Apple 1s in its September 25 auction in Boston. The computer was acquired by an early enthusiast who, having attended the Homebrew Computer Club to see what it was all about, purchased this Apple 1 second hand from a co-worker for $300 a year or so later.

He held on to it, realising it had computing history potential. The computer, which was restored to its original, operational state in June 2018 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen, has an estimate in excess of $300,000.