Tinplate clockwork pram sold at £1000 at the Peter Wilson saleroom in Cheshire.

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The firm was set up in London in 1914 – at a time when the huge dominance of German-made tinplate toys was obviously going to disappear – and appears to have sub-contracted the actual manufacturing of its designs to a Mansfield company. Having started at the beginning of one world war, Burnett went out of business at the start of the second – Chad Valley taking over its operation in 1939.

The 5½in (14cm) wide pram toy dating from the 1920s is more complex than the basic Ubilda construction toys – cars, forts and the like – for which Burnett became better known. The woman has a walking action and the clockwork motor winds and unwinds working the front wheel.

With no damages other than minor scratches to the enamel overall it was estimated at £100-150, but sold to a Dutch collector at £1000 (plus 20% buyer's premium).