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He will join several of his UK colleagues at Fine Art Asia 2017 in Hong Kong (September 30-October 3).

“London and New York Asia Weeks are the only other shows I am exhibiting at,” he says.

“My Hong Kong stock will be a mixture of mainly Chinese, Tibetan and Korean objects with some Indian objects also.

“Of note I have a collection of very fine Chinese eating and hunting knives, purchased from a single-owner collection. My prices range from £4000-150,000.”

Singh says he has noticed over the past 12 months a growing interest in arms and armour from Chinese and Hong Kong-based collectors.

“There has always been an interest in certain items such as jade daggers for the highly valued material, but now there is a breed of Asian collector who will appreciate the object for its functional and aesthetic value, not just the material it is made from.”

He adds: “My own interest, knowledge, and stock level of Chinese and Tibetan objects has also grown over the last few years, hence my desire to take this new aspect of my business directly to the target market. These items can be purchased at auction, but much of it is with specialist dealers and collectors.”

Regarding the HK event, Singh hopes to “establish a client base in Asia, and also to better understand the market. The ability to share information and research with local collectors and dealers will also be invaluable. The event will add an important and missing dimension to an otherwise international business I already operate.”

He has been a professional dealer for the last six years after spending “nearly all” his adult life “collecting and researching arms and armour. Prior to that it was a part-time profession alongside my day job as a civil servant,” he says.

Singh sits on the board of Asian Art in London, and exhibits at Tambaran gallery in Manhattan for New York Asia Week.