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“As any two pages go, these are delightful and rich in information.”

Prof Kathryn Sutherland, trustee of Jane Austen’s House Museum, which has purchased a fragment of a letter by the novelist from Maggs Bros.

“We are taking the responsible step of ensuring people and businesses understand the potential impacts of no deal – such as the transport of protected goods and animals between the UK and the EU – to help minimise any potential disruption.”

Environment minister Thérèse Coffey as Defra issued a fresh warning for the antiques trade on the import and export of CITES-listed natural history specimens.

“Since mammoth ivory trade is almost totally unregulated and undocumented...and because mammoth ivory is not easily distinguished from elephant ivory, there is a tangible risk of illegal international trade in elephant ivory being facilitated by deliberately mislabelling specimens of elephant ivory as mammoth ivory in order to avoid the requirements of this Convention.” 

Part of a proposal by the Israeli delegation to the ongoing CITES conference.

“It was taking it to the Royal Veterinary College that privately clinched it for me. Their X-ray machine, suited to the task of x-raying large and unusual shaped animals, was able to give a view of hidden repairs which we surmised may well have happened at Giacometti’s foundry. A faker would hardly have gone to that trouble.”

Dealer Philip Mould of BBC’s Fake or Fortune on the authentication of a Giacometti sculpture on last week’s programme.

“Even though Harvey Clar sold the gallery to Redge 23 years ago, Harvey, who is 89, still pops in from time to time – he’s family.”

Richard Unrugh, vice president of Clars Auction Gallery in California, who will become CEO and president following the purchase of the company from current head Redge Martin.