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“We would better serve our dealer population and the wider art community by producing very in-depth and highly focused reports that concentrate on a variety of subjects in the art market.”

A TEFAF spokeswoman as the fair’s annual market report is scrapped.

“One of my greatest joys is walking into an antiques shop or centre to scan the room for suitcases and trunks.”

Dealer Wendy Salisbury, whose novel The Toyboy Diaries has been turned into a musical, on the thrill of the chase.

“Because many of these toys from the ‘throw-away’ age of the ‘60s are plastic rather than metal, fewer have survived, which adds to their value.”

Richard Edmons of Chippenham Auction Rooms on the ‘unprecedented’ collection of toy robots it will offer on March 2.

“This is personally and professionally devastating to me and my wife because of the effect it is having on staff, creditors and clients.”

Paul Sumner of Australian auction house and art gallery Mossgreen which is to be wound down by administrators.

“It is regrettable that for the first time in over 45 years in the art market I was forced to issue legal proceedings.”

Art advisor Simon de Pury who won a court case over a $10m fee owed him as part of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’.