Wally Bird
One of the Martin Brothers birds on offer from AD Antiques is this c.1905 richly coloured example, which is priced at £19,500 and is offered with its own passport.

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Alison Davey, who deals in British art pottery as AD Antiques, has started the project as a way to formally document the birds. Created by Robert Wallace (1846-1910) between c.1880 until c.1910s, each bird is modelled after characters from Victorian London, from professional types to local waifs.

With her new project, Davey seeks to offer a way for owners to record each bird’s provenance and a simple method to pass it along to future holders.

Alison Davey of AD Antiques has created a series of these passports which serve as a formal model for identification for each individual Martin Brothers Bird.

She has undertaken distribution to those collectors and curators who contact her free of charge and has also committed to personalising each passport with a photo of the bird in question when one is provided. All birds in her stock are offered with a passport.

The passports feature black linen binding, silver leaf embossed covers and unique identity numbers.

Over time, Davey also hopes the system will help determine how many birds were produced.

Call Davey contact on 07811 783518 or email Alison@adantiques.com