BADA seminar
Marco Forgione and Mark Dodgson of BADA hosting the Q&A session with HMRC attendants at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington.

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HMRC have agreed to a change in policy dropping the requirement for a CCGI form to be submitted in addition to a SP5 form. The change will streamline the process for dealers renewing their TA authorisation for the guarantee waiver scheme.

"It's a very helpful step towards simplifying a very complex system," Mark Dodgson told ATG. 

Two HMRC representatives attended the TA seminar last week where they were met with a volley of questions on the intricacies of the TA system.

"There were a number of questions asked during the course of the seminar to which we're still awaiting answers," Dodgson said. 

However, Dodgson saidthat HMRC would provide relevant contact details for dealers to give examples of delays in renewing their authorisation or with further queries. 

"HMRC's flexibility continues to be appreciated," he added.