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The 7500 square foot space on Halland Par Farm Estate was opened on June 13 by Johnson and his partner Paul Wong together with Stuart Atkinson and Kiel Shaw from Fontaine.

According to Johnson, the new setting is already “so much easier from a logistics perspective.”

“Instead of just ‘piling them high’, antiques need to be presented in a series of stylish original room settings, Johnson says. “Interior decorators really appreciate this new approach as it makes their life easier particularly when they are working on several projects at once.”

For Johnson and Fontaine, originally based in Seagate and Ramsgate respectively, the new location was chosen for its readier access to London buyers.

The dealers also hope to attract American buyers who often come to the UK prepared to buy in bulk. They anticipate that their ‘substantially proportioned’ pieces of furniture will be of particular interest to the US market.

“We are moving with the times,” says Johnson. “There is a current trend, initiated by a combination of economics, practicality and demand whereby antique dealers are leaving small shops on the High Street in favour of better-equipped premises out of town.”

Johnson now deals exclusively from the warehouse.

Fontain Decorative’s diverse market

Meanwhile, Fontaine Decorative have opened an additional new space in Ramsgate.

The new store, which opened June 30, offers a selection of the dealer’s smaller antique stock but also includes a selection of contemporary wares.

Along with their usual selection of decorative antiques they also sell British contemporary ceramics, a range of hand-made Scottish horn homewares and Haeckles, a body care and fragrance brand.

The new shop is located on Queen Street.