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The second of the three annual decorative fairs, with around 100 dealers, this spring staging is the smallest of the trio, but it is equally well regarded by the international interior design and antiques trade.

We have mentioned before how increasingly this pioneering event, which for years has serviced the decorators, is being patronised by discerning private buyers. And these are a younger, more adventurous crowd than you see shopping at the myriad other antiques fairs.

This fixture is unstuffy if stylish but organisers Ralph and Patricia Harvey still insist everything is vetted for authenticity by an independent committee.

The decorative fair may be trendsetting, but it is also a good place for trend spotting, and all the currently favoured ‘looks’ will be on parade. As tastes lean ever more towards mixing periods, Patricia Harvey is aware that even a single antique can highlight a decor and add a touch of individuality to a home.

She says: “You do not need to go the whole hog by filling your home with antiques; just one well-chosen piece can be used to add a splash of colour, an element of fun or even of seriousness to an interior.”

There are seven newcomers this time – not as many as usual – and among them are Andrew Kingsley from Surrey with 20th century design; Eclectique from Notting Hill, London W11 with Art Deco; Natural History from the same area with a new one for this fair, taxidermy; and Pierre Spake from Hertfordshire with early photographic prints.

I think you will find much of the stock reflects the theme of this spring’s fair, Art Deco, to coincide with the V&A exhibition. A display of pieces from that era provided by exhibitors will be on show in the reception area.
Americans from both the East and West Coasts are historically big customers at this fair, and with the Americans not coming over in any force this may blight the decorative fair more than some others. Luckily, though, as I said earlier, the event is gathering a new following of private buyers so hopefully they will compensate. Let us hope the Americans are back for the autumn staging in September. Admission is £6.