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We did just that a few weeks ago and having seen the famous Vervoordt look at many top international antique fairs can vouch that his work can be no better appreciated than in situ in his moated castle, parts of which date back to the 12th century.

Beautifully renovated, the castle has 50 rooms, each with its own character and displaying various interpretations of the Vervoordt touch, mixing periods and styles with a sympathy and flair which has brought him decorating commissions from all over the world.

The castle is both family home and showrooms, a typical Vervoordt blend. In case anyone feels intrusive examining the bedrooms and bathrooms of the castle it is consoling to think that as a guest you are also a potential customer – much of the furniture and furnishing is for sale.

Mr Vervoordt is a personable
man who has stamped his identity on his business. But in the same way as his castle is his showroom, his affable persona is a front for what is now virtually the Vervoordt industry. He has no less than 100 full-time employees, including architects and a large team of restorers.

But he has not lost the simple touch. Instead of employing someone to mow the grounds he has his own flock of sheep to keep the grass under control.