Kent Tschanz of Tschanz Rare Books.

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1 How did you get your start?

I started working at a large shop while in college and stuck around. I now focus on books, photographs, manuscripts, and ephemera on the history and settlement of the American West. In fact, I have a collection of Western US travel posters which are hung throughout our home.

2 What projects have you worked on lately?

I am presently compiling a descriptive checklist of important Utah books for the Utah Bibliographical Society. And looking back one of my good discoveries has been an early manuscript plat map of Salt Lake City by Thomas Bullock, below.


A manuscript plat map of Salt Lake City by Brigham Young’s scribe, Thomas Bullock and drawn within months of their arrival in Utah (1848).

3 What is something you’d love to get your hands on?

I’ve heard that the Mormon bomber and forger, Mark Hofmann, writes/wrote and distributed a chess newsletter for his fellow inmates.

4 One item you couldn’t do without?

The Flake/Draper bibliography.

5 Real ale or sepresso martini?

Real ale