Beth Swaab says she looks for works 'that really makes my heart sing'.

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1 What projects are you working on?

I am currently whittling down some great paintings to take with me to The Northern Antiques Fair at Tennants (September 28-October 1) – from Mary Fedden to Samuel John Lamorna Birch and fun Sue Macartney-Snape watercolours (see example below).


Sue Macartney-Snape, Patrolling the estate, watercolour, priced £4250 from Bink Fine Art.

2 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

A Singer Sargent portrait of a lady that valuers had dismissed it as being ‘after’. I had the frame taken off and there was his unmistakable signature… the owner had been told by her grandparents it was by him, but as is often the case, there was no paperwork.

3 Do you have an art collection in your home?

I hang anything that really makes my heart sing – from a whopping piece of street art in the hallway to a medley of late 19th century large floral oils in the kitchen alongside David Shrigley fun animal series.

4 What is your favourite appearance of an antique in a film, play or book?

It has to be Chagall’s La Mariée in the film Notting Hill (Hugh Grant’s character has a poster of it on his wall, although I may well have been admiring HG too!).

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Espresso martini with salted caramel vodka… that will kick-start any party.

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