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This Hellenistic silver calyx cup is one of the highlights at An Eye into the Ancient Past. The collaborative exhibition runs from July 3-7 and unites Claire Brown Art with Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.

Several of the works have provenance back to remarkable collections.

The cup, for example, is from the collection of Sir Christopher Cockerell (1909-99), an English engineer best known for the invention of the hovercraft. It is offered for a price in the region of £25,000.

Also on offer is a group of Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets once in the collection of Lord Amherst of Hackney (1835-1909), who is remembered for collecting books, manuscripts, furniture and

Egyptian works of art for which he built a museum in his country home, Didlington Hall.


A marble torso of Apollo, on offer in the joint exhibition held by Claire Brown Art with Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.

Finally, a marble torso of Apollo, formerly in the Kevorkian collection, was later bought by the Brummer Gallery in New York in 1921.

All works range in price from £500-200,000. The show takes place at Forge and Lynch’s Pall Mall gallery and is the second collaboration between the two dealerships, the first of which took place last year.