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The trilogy of gem books by Joanna Hardy. Image by Casey Moore via Gemfields.

The latest book is Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour which will be published at the end of the month. It follows Emerald and Ruby (in 2013 and 2017).

Hardy said: “What a journey it has been… It’s incredible to think I have been to Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Colombia to research my books. Covid put a stop to Montana and Australia but at least I got to visit the other countries.

“I will never forget the journeys and stories. Each book takes about 2-3 years which includes the travel so all three have nearly been 10 years in the making.”

Joanna Hardy

Jewellery and gemstone specialist Joanna Hardy.

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She added: “Sapphire is an unassuming gem. It has been overshadowed by diamonds, rubies and emeralds for decades, but ignore it at your peril, for sapphire is a titan of the gemstone world.”

The books were sponsored by Gemfields, which owns the luxury Fabergé jewellery brand, and is the world’s biggest coloured gems producer.

Sapphire book

The cover of the latest Joanna Hardy book 'Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour'.

Gemfields CEO Sean Gilbertson, said: “Few things on our planet blend wonder, magic and mysticism quite like the ‘Holy Trinity’ of coloured gemstones. They chart the history, heritage and legacy of humankind across millennia in a unique and captivating manner.”

Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour launches on September 30, alongside new editions of Ruby and Emerald, and are available to order from Thames Hudson via