This c.1920s Frederick Rhead Cairoware temple jar is priced at £295 from The Art of Decadence at the March 15 Twickenham fair.

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This 100-plus dealer event on Sunday, March 15, will be held beneath the stands at the stadium as well as drive-in stalls outside.

Organiser Steve Cooper said: “When it was looking as if the dates were not going to line up, and that we might not be running the Twickenham fair this year, the response was resounding from both traders and buyers. They love the fair and want it to continue.”

Good Rheads

Simon Poynton will be one of the dealers standing. Trading as The Art of Decadence, he has been a “collector, hoarder and dealer” in Art Deco ceramics for more than 35 years.

He said: “I started collecting Charlotte and Frederick Rhead in the mid-1980s and began dealing at fairs after I had amassed a large collection of these two potters’ work.

“I then moved onto the specialist Deco fairs’ circuit, specialising extensively in the Rhead family. I also sell French metalwork and have some 1930s period figures mainly from the Max Le Verrier factory including a few by Le Verrier himself. I also offer a large selection of Art Deco glass from Germany.”

Haddon Events, which launched this event in 2018, runs antiques and collectors’ fairs across Essex and in Hertfordshire as well as larger classic and vintage shows in Essex.