A corner of vintage fashion dealer Samaya Ling’s stand at 'Frock Me', which holds its first virtual event on December 6, at which Ling will be an exhibitor.

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It is the same day as he would have been running this live Frock Me event at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Adams said: “With little prospect of some venues reopening any time soon, we organisers can provide a virtual shop window to all those who follow us on social media or who receive newsletters via email.

Frock Me vintage fair has 17.1k followers on Instagram, just under 14k followers on Facebook and 10k people on our mailing list who receive our newsletters. By presenting a sample of all my exhibitors’ stock on these social media platforms as well as on our own website we can interact with all these thousands of people and show them just a little of what our exhibitors have to offer.”

The 60 exhibitors at the virtual fair include Caroline Turner of Selfish Maids, Foia Solanke of Vintwear 2, Sally Forster of Portobello Eye and Rebecca Sweeting.

Adams added: “If reaching out to my exhibitors and customers reminds them of what they are missing, lets them know that we are still here and feeds their appetite for a return back to regular trading, then I will consider the virtual fair a huge success.”